3 IT and Design-Oriented Career Paths for the Avid Mind

3 IT and Design-Oriented Career Paths for the Avid Mind

19th June 2020 Off By Carrefour

Are you looking to make money creating and designing online games and websites to make the most out of your love for IT and your creative mind? Nowadays, online casino gamedevelopment and web programmingare a few of the best-paid careers.

Here, we are going to dig into some design-based career paths that work best for the avid mind.

Web Developer and Designer

Probably, web developers and designers are the most popular design career paths ever, especially if you want to create videogames and online casino games.

The mission of the web developer here is to design and developthe algorithms of a game according to a client’s specifications.

Contrary to popular belief, a web developer does not only design and create sites, but some also go further and develop videogames. If you don’t trust us, just visit some websites and take a look.

Visual Designer

The work of a visual designer requires a great deal of creativity. You need to have an avid mind to improve company logos, change fonts, design the image of a company, and even add symbols to improve a logo.

Online casino games haveraging competition, which makes it necessary to get an appealing logo that matches the game interface.

This work may sound like a simple and dull job, but the truth is that these guys can make around $74,000 annually, making people work even harder to get the job professionally done.

UI/UX Designer

Although UI/UX designers are not as popular as the other two, theyplay an important role when it comes to designing apps. Today, the technology industry is being ruled by apps and many of them seem nonsensical and dysfunctional.

That’s when the work of UX designers comes in handy, as they prevent apps and websites’ interfaces from getting glitchy and confusing. In videogames and online casinos, glitches tend to turn people away.

The work of UI/UX design can get them $89,000 annually and the employment rate for them is expected to grow even more by 2024.

Other professions we didn’t mention above but have a positive impact on videogames and online casino game development are Augmented Reality Designer and Art director.

Although UI/UX designers are the most requested professionals these days, many other jobs also require a keen eye for design, web programming, IT, and lots of creativity to exploit. If you are interested in working in any of them, it’s time to start sending out resumes to get the job.

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