About Carrefour


Carrefour is a group of lovable and talented people who joined forces to help others to make the most out of their talents and overall skills. Created in 2003, Carrefour started as a simple blog, in which Robert P. Thao, our creator, wrote his experiences as a college freshman looking for a job.

As he was just starting his college journey, his career path wasn’t completely defined and after a few months, this began to fill him with anxious, negative feelings. However, little by little, he regained confidence within himself and chose to study mechanical engineering.

After a long time in college, he graduated with honours and became a successful Snowmobile mechanic. His repair shop is the best in Ontario.

Although his business is extremely successful, Robert decided to help young people to find the best job for their skills’ profile and slowly but surely, transformed a simple blog into a devoted magazine to help others.

What We Do

At Carrefour, we are devoted to providing tips, tricks, and strategies to help youngsters and adults to find the best jobs in the Chutes-de-la-Chaudière and the Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon areas.

From helpful guides about how to face a job interview to where to study to become a pilot or a live online casino dealer, Carrefour will help you out.

Check our posts to know more about career paths, jobs, and training programs for employers and employees.